Tactical Foodpack

The Story of Tactical Foodpack

The idea for Tactical Foodpack came from a medic in the Estonian Special Operations Force who in his everyday work was faced with complicated conditions that put both physical and mental health to the test. The moments where one could take time out and enjoy a quick snack in the company of one’s team mates became more and more valuable. Especially having to spend long periods of time away from home. 

These are the moments that allow you to travel down memory lane, home once again, thinking of all your loved ones, drawing strength to keep going. Your team mates are an immense source of support; yet another important factor involves the food that you enjoy at such moments. 

Soul food should be home-made and natural, placed on your plate with a large helping of a wife’s or a mother’s love. At the same time, such food should not be heavy and one should be able to consume it quickly as the conditions you may find yourself in may be complex.

Therefore, we have created a product line that offers a long shelf-life with no added preservatives or additives – it’s all natural, honest, and has a home-made feel to it.  Just pour hot water on the food, wait a beat, and enjoy delicious flavors straight from the pouch.

TFP products are perfect not only for the Special Forces but for either everyday hikers, sailors, mountain climbers or professional extreme sports athletes, namely for anyone who pursues an active lifestyle, appreciates comfort and a healthy diet.


We are guided by the Special Forces principle:

“Don’t f… with the food!”